We value each individual contact and business relationship as a source of insight and information, empowering us to respond to the needs of our clients.

At I-CAT, we have an entrepreneurial, energetic and driven culture, respectful of the significance of what we do and of the individual needs and qualities of our customers and suppliers.

We believe in the importance of responding to market needs rather than trying to shape them. The ability to do so rests on the strength of the partnerships that we build.

Our approach is to respond quickly and precisely to the opportunities that arise through shortage or surplus, thus maximizing profits for our clients and us.

This not only promotes an energetic approach to meeting every client’s requirement but also benefits our company’s mission.

Our long-term commitment to our private and listed clients, has afforded us the trust and opportunity to offer various products and services to the benefit of our clients.

Doing Business with I-CAT

We have a significant commitment to the industry, providing real benefits to our clients, adding value to their business, providing our clients with a competitive edge through our ability to deliver the correct product to their specification at the right time and at the best price.