I-CAT offers ‘green’ master plan


One of the most rigorous and specialised processes for the mining, industrial, manufacturing, and commercial development sectors is environmental licensing and compliance assurance. I-CAT Environmental Solutions offers an Environmental Masterplan to ensure alignment with compliance, auditing and monitoring requirements.

The range of environmental compliance solutions has a specific focus on the mining sector, as prescribed by relevant national legislation and compliance standards,” explains Lourens Jansen van Rensburg, director, I-CAT Environmental Solutions.

The current economic climate in South Africa has resulted in companies cutting down on budget allocation for minimum environmental compliance, yet recognising their obligations to account for their activities impacting on the environment and to accept responsibility for them,” Jansen van Rensburg explains.

I-CAT offers an Environmental Masterplan solution through its Environmental Solutions Department that addresses all external environmental licensing, audit-ing and monitoring requirements. Bene-fits include cost- and resource-savings, as well as ensuring that all environmental aspects are considered and assessed in an integrated, holistic manner.