James John van Reenen

James serves as managing director at I-CAT. Under the helm of his leadership, I-CAT has grown to become recognised as a leading environmental solutions company that assists industrial clients in various aspects of environmental compliance.

James’ entrepreneurial skills date back to 1985, when he began his first venture. Following a decade of success with other businesses, James established Qualitools, an importer of a high-end tool range, where he remains MD to this day. James subsequently founded I-CAT in 1998.

Daniël van Der Merwe

Daniël is one of the founding members of I-CAT and is currently head of research and development at the company. Daniël boasts more than 18 years of experience in the mining industry; having spent ten years at Iscor mines and held senior positions at various other industrial and mining companies.

Daniël specialises in finding new and innovative solutions to waste management that are both environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

Anton van Der Merwe

Since 2010, Anton has been a huge contributor to I-CAT’s success as the head ofbusiness development and operations. With a passion for working in mining and environmental management, Anton has amassed extensive knowledge throughout his career.

Anton’s skillset includes almost 25 years’ experience in extensive environmental and occupational health solutions, business development and enterprise building and industrial advisory services.

Winston Warries

Having joined the I-CAT team in 2012, Winston has quickly risen to the rank of director, thanks to his strong work ethic and skillset. In 2006, Winston successfully completed a merger between two divisions at Armscor. After eight months of negotiations, Winston and his team were able to successfully merge the two divisions to form the Landwards Systems Division, which is now responsible for all land based acquisition systems for the SANDF.

Following this accomplishment, he was then nominated to attend the ENSP (Executive National Security Program), which is a full time course presented by the South African National Defence College in 2007. In 2009, Winston went on to work with Sulzer Hydromining as the general manager, before joining the I-CAT team. Winston also holds a Mechanical Engineering Diploma, as well as a MBA.

Lourens Jansen van Rensburg

Lourens was employed by I-CAT in 2010 as the manager for the Environmental Division and was promoted to director in 2014, while also taking on the role as director of business development and marketing.

Lourens boasts a range of certificates and degrees in environmental management, electrical engineering, MCSE, project management, carbon accounting and energy efficiency.

His skills include; business development, energy efficiency and sustainable energy technology, project management, conducting and reviewing of EIAs and GAP Analysis which makes him a valuable addition to the I-CAT team.

Jan du Plessis

Professor Jan du Plessis holds a PhD degree in mining engineering from the University of Witwatersrand, and boasts almost 30 years’ experience in the mining industry. His last full time industry position was as the Vice President and Group Head of Energy, Carbon and Water Management in the Gold Fields Group.

As a respected dust subject matter expert, he is a valuable asset to the I-CAT team, whom he serves as non-executive director. With immense knowledge and experience, Professor du Plessis is also non-executive director at Fraser Alexander and MechCal – where he is also the elected Chairman of the Board.